Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Tied Up Pt. 1

    In the past we have gone into some of the basic ideas of bondage, talked a little bit about teasing and things of that nature, today I plan to talk a little bit among the how to side, specifically a bit about rope bondage. Many who have taken the time to look up some ideas, may have questions about how to make some of the beautiful ties they have seen, among other questions. I hope to address some of those today.
     One of the first things to note , I always, and I mean ALWAYS, note Safety First.  Have planned safe words, that are easy to remember, and alway be wary of your partners needs.  Second, decide who is going to be the dominant and who is going to be the submissive partner during this adventure, being as only one of you is going to have your hands free.
     After you have made these choices, there are a few more things to consider. What type of rope? I recommend a softer nylon, cotton, or polyester style of rope, especially for the beginner, being as they are more comfortable on the skin, the more advanced may want a rougher style. (Many different types are available at your local hardware store.)
     You also have to decide if you are going for a more artistic type of tying, or are you going for a simple restraint.  I personally am a fan of artistic knots, because they can have a certain romantic quality to them.
Remember though, The more artistic you plan on getting with a rope, the longer the rope will have to be, and the longer it will take. Plan according.
     Now for the fun stuff. This is an image I found describing the basic Japanese Kikkou-Shibari style of rope tying, there is a bit of a step change at step 7 to make it an actual restraint tie, but it will give you an idea. It is pictured on a female character, but it is just as adaptable to the male figure if you so choose.

I recommend roughly a 40-50 foot length of rope, being as it will give you a chance to fit to the individual being tied, as well as leave you some extra to restrain the hands and feet if so desired.  As far asusing this tie to restrain the hands at step 7, place your partners wrists behind their back, and use the excess rope to wrap the wrists, and make your tie behind the back. at this point, carefully lay them down, and use your imagination to pleasure, tickle or torment (depending on you and your partners tastes) and enjoy the evening.
I thank you all for your patience, and will be continuing the story.
I wish i could give credit to the artist who did this tie, and whomever took the photo
it is a beautiful example, but i can not take credit for it.


  1. Hmm don't think my partner will go for this :P

  2. i dont like that the ropes is over the vagina, or else i would tryed it on my GF right away ;)

  3. I can barely tie a knot now this will be hard.

  4. Your blog always seems to give me a boner...

  5. takes some great skill to tie those ties. :D

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