Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bonds of Love

      Bondage. Interesting subject. Google image searches result in some fun, some frightening and some rather interesting results. So does the adult movie market. But what is bondage, and where does it fit into a healthy relationship? Simple answer is, trust. This one act alone, can be one of the most bond (pun totally intending) building points of a unique sexual relationship. For the bound, it requires total faith in your partner, and for the binder, it requires you provide for your partners needs, in all manners.
     That is one reason why, it can be fun to switch roles in this type of play.  If you are the mostly dominate one, try taking the role where your love has total control of you, it can lead to some insight as to how they want you to handle them. They may caress you in a way that you had not thought of, that at a later point you can try with them.
     A little pinch here a little tickle there, and you can drive each other CRAZY, in a completely wonderful way.
       Now as far as getting started with this in your relationship, it can be as simple as tying your lovers hands up with a t-shirt, and seeing how well that is liked.  The next day, reverse the role. After you find out how much fun you can have together, start to think about what else you can incorporate into your game. Let your imagination run wild, I'm sure you will find yourself closer to each other than the day before.


  1. I certainly have a lot of experience with this.

  2. Hell yeah, ive pitch this idea to my Girlfriend and shes very ticklish so shes not that into it but time will tell.

  3. I've had one ex that one day slammed the door open with a rope on her hand, tied me up and f*d me like there was no tomorrow.

    I was dazzled and confused for a while after that.