Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Tied Up Pt. 1

    In the past we have gone into some of the basic ideas of bondage, talked a little bit about teasing and things of that nature, today I plan to talk a little bit among the how to side, specifically a bit about rope bondage. Many who have taken the time to look up some ideas, may have questions about how to make some of the beautiful ties they have seen, among other questions. I hope to address some of those today.
     One of the first things to note , I always, and I mean ALWAYS, note Safety First.  Have planned safe words, that are easy to remember, and alway be wary of your partners needs.  Second, decide who is going to be the dominant and who is going to be the submissive partner during this adventure, being as only one of you is going to have your hands free.
     After you have made these choices, there are a few more things to consider. What type of rope? I recommend a softer nylon, cotton, or polyester style of rope, especially for the beginner, being as they are more comfortable on the skin, the more advanced may want a rougher style. (Many different types are available at your local hardware store.)
     You also have to decide if you are going for a more artistic type of tying, or are you going for a simple restraint.  I personally am a fan of artistic knots, because they can have a certain romantic quality to them.
Remember though, The more artistic you plan on getting with a rope, the longer the rope will have to be, and the longer it will take. Plan according.
     Now for the fun stuff. This is an image I found describing the basic Japanese Kikkou-Shibari style of rope tying, there is a bit of a step change at step 7 to make it an actual restraint tie, but it will give you an idea. It is pictured on a female character, but it is just as adaptable to the male figure if you so choose.

I recommend roughly a 40-50 foot length of rope, being as it will give you a chance to fit to the individual being tied, as well as leave you some extra to restrain the hands and feet if so desired.  As far asusing this tie to restrain the hands at step 7, place your partners wrists behind their back, and use the excess rope to wrap the wrists, and make your tie behind the back. at this point, carefully lay them down, and use your imagination to pleasure, tickle or torment (depending on you and your partners tastes) and enjoy the evening.
I thank you all for your patience, and will be continuing the story.
I wish i could give credit to the artist who did this tie, and whomever took the photo
it is a beautiful example, but i can not take credit for it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something I Wanted To Do

              Today I want to take the time to thank every one of my followers, as well as all those who took the time to comment.  This has shown an openness in the world to at least look at a view that may not be your own and try something new.  I am working on the post that i promised in the last one, but I wanted  to incorporate some real how to's and i want it to be as good as possible.  Please bear with me, I will have it up within the next couple of days and if anyone has any suggestions of content they would like me to discuss, feel free to comment, or email me RIGHT HERE and i will at least respond to you, even if i do not select your topic as the next blog.
             See you all soon and remember use your imagination, and you will find the best sex of your life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pain Game

     This one is not for everyone.  But to day we talk about pain & pleasure combined.  DISCLAIMER: It is not ok to beat your partner, or to cause unwanted pain, what I am talking about is consensual between partners, and SAFETY is key. Take the time to research and talk things out before beginning anything listed here.
     There is a segment of us, and I use us in the global sense, that like to push the envelope on what brings pleasure. For some, a little bit of hurt, can bring about the ultimate in pleasure. While baffling to some, there is are amazing sensations to be felt when pleasure and pain are combined.  From a small bite in the middle of sex, to a pinch on certain sensitive areas on the body during foreplay, spankings for some, to whips and leather for others,  there are more options than one can humanly list in a reasonable amount of time.
     The reason behind this is simple, pain can bring about a huge endorphin rush, this combined with sexual stimulation, can cause a rush almost as intoxicating as using drugs.
     There are things you learn about yourself. You learn what you can withstand. You learn how to handle both the pleasure and pain at the same time. One of my favorites, you learn how to withstand more, and this can actually make you a stronger person.
     A few things to consider, before you start any kind of play like this you need a safety word. What this is is the thing you say when you want your partner to stop.  "More" and "Harder" are not good words to use . (ha ha). Secondly once you decide that you want to try things like these out, start small. a harder than usual pinch or bite of a nipple during foreplay, a little bit of a smack on the rear while stimulating your partner, and progressing as you decide if you and your partner like the feelings and want more.
     Explore what you can find to incorporate, a little candle wax slowly dripped on to each other (this can be dangerous you have to be careful remember trying not to severely burn your partner) can be exciting.
. Research, talk with your partner, experiment together. You will become closer.

next we explore rope bondage with some how to info.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Buzz Around Town

    Today thoughts are kind of funny,  more of a simple idea I had.  Truth be told, something simple, fun, but mot definitely not for everyone. More for the exhibitionist types. But we will get to that in a few.
    The topic today is a subject that some don,t like for one reason or another,  as a matter of fact, in my younger days, one while i was happy to watch in film,  was I actually afraid to bring into my personal life. Get your cheap laughs at me out now, I will wait...............Of course as the title not so subtly suggests, is about vibrators..
    Call them what you want, my personal favorite names being "marital aids", can be very intimidating to some. I really believe there is some small part of the male psyche (is I misspelled it for the context oh well) that can cause a small amount of angst at the thought of bringing something like this into your lovemaking experience. There may also be many women out there who think ill of bedroom toys, because they can be viewed as something dirty.
    Many enjoy them, many enjoy them as a couple. Some don't want their partner to know they use one, and some want nothing more than to use them on their partner.
    This is one unique opportunity, to experience something unique with your love. Now the same as everything you need to share with your partner, and not fear using toys in the bedroom, together this can be exhilarating.  Though a few tips for first timers, don't try going for the diesel powered thunder rods. and something as simple as a hand held shower head, can provide you and your lover with your first opportunity to play together. Explore sites that cater to couples of all types (I suggest  sites like Slumber parties by Jenni because of the nice selection for beginners and advanced play)
Look at this as chance to enhance some of the pleasure you feel together.

     Now as far as the funny idea, by no means am I claiming to be the creator of this idea, but for some of the kinkier folks out there, if you don't already have a set of remote control vibrating panties, get a pair (or two depending ton the type of couple you are *wink) give the remote to your lover and go out on a date. set them off at the most, interesting times. But remember safety first, no orgasms behind the wheel, that could make for a very bad evening.

The Good Touch

     Today we talk a bit about something we all know a little well, at least we should.  An amazing sexual experience doesn't always come about from actual intercourse. Sometimes, a little hand play is all you need.
Think about it. Back in high school, your best friend was you, or your hand, to be specific. It was likely one of your first experiences (yes i understand that differs for some in good and bad ways). You spent effort to use those hands on your boyfriend or girlfriend, trying to get them excited. At some point, usually when we are actually having regular sex, we tend to forget about what we can do with our hands, after a few minutes.  
     This should not be the case.  But at the same time i will note, not everyone has taken the time to learn how to get their partner off with just their hands. Others work jobs where their hands are like splintered wood, and your partner may be taken aback by this. So how do we get around this? Guys and gals, LETS NOT FORGET OUR FRIEND THE LOTION BOTTLE!!!!!!! 
      All joking aside, take care of your hands, because their is so so so much you can do for each other with them. If you find how your partner touches you to be frustrating, guide them with your own hands, talk to them telling them how you like to be touched, caressed rubbed or flat out pulled while talking to them to let them know why it feels good to you. But don't worry if you feel silly doing it, laugh some, its about having fun together! Also don't be afraid to let your significant other watch you, you might find they enjoy watching, and may have trouble keeping their hands of themselves and you.
      Take the time to explore each other and yourself,and if it tickles, then you are doing it right.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sorry Everyone

Today I happen to be sick as one can humanly be, I will be being lazy today. New article tomorrow. thanks for coming by.  Remember share with your love. By all means. (unless you are sick thats just cruel lol)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bonds of Love

      Bondage. Interesting subject. Google image searches result in some fun, some frightening and some rather interesting results. So does the adult movie market. But what is bondage, and where does it fit into a healthy relationship? Simple answer is, trust. This one act alone, can be one of the most bond (pun totally intending) building points of a unique sexual relationship. For the bound, it requires total faith in your partner, and for the binder, it requires you provide for your partners needs, in all manners.
     That is one reason why, it can be fun to switch roles in this type of play.  If you are the mostly dominate one, try taking the role where your love has total control of you, it can lead to some insight as to how they want you to handle them. They may caress you in a way that you had not thought of, that at a later point you can try with them.
     A little pinch here a little tickle there, and you can drive each other CRAZY, in a completely wonderful way.
       Now as far as getting started with this in your relationship, it can be as simple as tying your lovers hands up with a t-shirt, and seeing how well that is liked.  The next day, reverse the role. After you find out how much fun you can have together, start to think about what else you can incorporate into your game. Let your imagination run wild, I'm sure you will find yourself closer to each other than the day before.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To What Extreme........

     It is amazing how much fun one S&M documentary can make the evening.  "Fetishes" is a documentary about Pandora's Box, for lack of better words, a S&M club catering to submissive individuals.  It was interesting, and a little fun, getting to take a look inside others private world. I must admit though, I got a chuckle or two at a couple of the folks. There were many things to learn from watching though. If not the most important thing , you have to be yourself, or you will be miserable for your entire life. You have to be open with your partner, about what you like , and you also have to be open to what your partner likes.  Together, you have to take the time to experiment with little things, and finding out what is fun for you together. Besides, a little pinch here, a little bite there, never hurt anyone, Unless you want it to.

Next we will be talking about bondage a little bit.
Until next time.


Monday, March 21, 2011

A Small Experiment

     I have spent a lot of time thinking about what to write for a first post. I tried coming up with something witty, something sexy, something seductive.  At the same time, I wanted the first post to be about us. I decided after much thought to just tell you about my self. 
     Its a little weird to analyze ones self. Trying to think about what you like, what you don't like. To simply word it, I am a pervert. big surprise I know, but how do you define yourself, when your main fetish, is almost EVERY fetish. So I guess thats what brings us here. How does one balance a life where one enjoys some rather, shall we say interesting bedroom play, but has had the wonderful luck of finding someone that shares in that willingness to explore, and that of a modern family.
      I hope in time to share some of our experiences, and maybe open some eyes to a few new things to try out. Because in my eyes, some of the most extreme sexual experiences, along with being rather enjoyable, can help you discover a stronger bond with you and your partner.
Much more to come.