Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rub You The Right Way

     Hello sorry for the absence, but I am going to tell you a little bit about myself today.  You will notice periodically that I have gaps of time between when I write, this is due to the fact that I was injured some time ago fairly bad. Though I am moderately young, I spend a lot of time in absolute agony. There are points when even typing is a difficulty. So I am sorry for the break, but lets get back to fun, shall we?
     Today I want to talk to you about massage. Why not exactly the most perverse thing ever, the intimacy  factor is through the roof.  Sensual massage is a simple way to ignite a spark for a night of great passion, whether you have been together for decades, or if you are trying to take the time to impress a new lover. While many are aware of this, fear of rejection, or not knowing how to initiate, can lead to a little hesitation. Also your lovers mood and receptiveness need to be taken into consideration.
     Now, lets get started. There are a few things you will need, besides your hands, to make this a night to remember. First you will need a good massage oil or lotion, that is also safe for internal use, you need a couple of towels, a blindfold (if you enjoy that kind of thing), and some baby wipes (post experience cleanup trust me here).
       Your hands need to be clean, nails trimmed, and your hands should be warm. I find it best also, to have your lotion / oil sitting in a bowl of warm / hot water, to warm them up also. Do Not have them hot enough to burn yourself or your partner.  You should apply a generous amount of your oil / lotion to your hands, rub them together, and start to get to work. Remember to use a somewhat light touch, you are working on relaxing and arousing your partner, not beating them up.
        You will want to give your lover a full body massage. I don't mean using the entire day to rub every square inch of them, but incorporate everything you can into it, use your torso on their back. Rub your cheeks against theirs, kiss their body, licking, warm breath against their skin, are often welcomed with an
intimate response.
         A little side note, we as men tend to focus a lot of attention to the obvious areas of a womans body, but take note, a woman can be aroused areas like the wrists, fingers, ears, the back of her neck, and the insides of her elbows and knees. Feel free to rub, kiss, lick, and even nibble on these areas, you may find your session  that much more interesting for trying it.

     Start out by lightly stroking your partner's body with the tips of your fingers, starting on your partner's back. Move from one area of the body to another covering shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks.
     After your partner is completely relaxed, begin the sensual massage by making long, gliding strokes over their body. When you've completely covered them, switch from long gliding strokes to short deep strokes (for the deep strokes you need to lightly use your body weight rather than your arm strength, but be gentle). As you work your way around, also massage their feet and hands, brush over their buttocks and if you’re massaging a female partner, make sure you gently stroke her breasts.
     When you think the time is right, begin working your way very slowly down your partner's legs gliding your hands as you go. Tease your partner by stroking their inner thigh.
When the sensual energy has had time to build, continue the massage with more strokes to the front of the body. Then, lets just say use your imagination.

As I always say, talk to your partner about what they are enjoying, the more you learn about each other, the closer you can become.



  1. Hmm, interesting I'm going to try this on my Miley doll.

  2. Ha i just read about the Miley dolls!!

    I need to get me one of those :)

    Great post keep up the awesome work!

    Come look at mobys new fish accessories.

  3. never given a massage before...but now I have some idea of what to do!

  4. I likeeee it ;)I must learn few time;d

  5. Massages are always nice. They're pretty fun to give too if you know what you're doing.

  6. this right here making me sensual

  7. lol my gf is always asking me to give her back rubs

  8. Is it wrong that this post gave me a boner :S

  9. Nice tips, but I have a feeling I won't be using them for a long long time

  10. great post man. keep em coming! following =]

  11. I liked that last section about giving attention to other areas of a woman's body aside from the obvious. Good post.

  12. mm nice instructions, something I really like to do is to tease her. I massage her buttocks in a certain way so it stimulates her lady parts indirectly, and I rub her inner thighs really really close, but I don't touch her there directly.
    Drives her crazy.