Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Tied Up Pt. 2

   As I said before this is not a post dedicated to everyone. This is for the more advanced in the bondage foray, and those willing to suffer a bit for their art, for lack of better words. Today we talk a little bit more about rope bondage. Previously, I gave a small tutorial about the Kikkou-Shibari style of rope tying. While simple and seductive in looks, it is more of an aesthetic tie than a real bondage tie. Today, the ties i will talk about, are dedicated to keeping your lover, shall we say, a little ocupied.
   Rope bondage is one of the simplest and cheapest manners of exploring the BDSM world. Requiring not much more than $20.00 of investment, it allows for some of the lightest and if you want some of the roughest bondage play you can imagine. but as such it can be dangerous you need to take precaution for advanced play, safety is and will always be the key. Now if you have never tried any type of bondage play out, I suggest you do a little research before doing so. And although you will get some interesting results looking for bondage on Google, taking the time to sift through can yield a plethora of information.
     Now for the fun stuff.
      We will begin with the Ushiro Takate Kote. This tie is meant to hold the arms behind the back, immobile. As I said in my last update, I am the one doing this tie, hate to say this though, no nudity, one google wont allow it, and two, my love is my love, though she was kind enough to share this moment with all of you. Sending her a thanks in the comments, I'm sure would make her day.
I used a 50 foot rope for this. first thing you will want to make a loop at the middle like so, this is often called the "larks head" in traditional Japanese texts.

Neat you will want to place your partners hands behind them, having you rope, with loop up, behind the arms, you will want to have plenty of slack .

You will want to wrap the wrists 3-4 times, being careful not to cut off circulation. I added a little more slack to the loop after I took this picture, because you are going to wrap the loop around your other wrapping.

 Like so.
Next you will warp the rope around  your partner, over the breast (on women, upper chest on males)

Then loop it under the other rope, and wrap in reverse.

You are going to wrap underneath the center rope and reverse again. afterwards, you will pass the rope through the original loop

Now for a little flair, i took the rope from the loop, over the shoulder, and under the opposing arm to make a cross between the breasts. pass rope through the loop, and reverse to make a rather nice looking X.

At this point you can have some fun......

If you want to keep your partner standing while you tease them, a ceiling hook can provide just what you need.

Thank you for coming by. I hope you enjoyed the information, until next time.........


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